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Royalty Free Music Is Not The Same As Free Music

Copyright protection on music typically lasts throughout the life of the composer from the time the work was created until death plus another 50 years thereafter or 75 years from publication or 100 years from creation. Let's make it clear: when you download copyrighted MP3 music, you pay for the privilege of listening, not owning.
But there are different types of music materials you can download for free because they are in what is called the public domain. They belong in the realm of royalty free music. There are either not copyrighted or have gone beyond the prescriptive copyright ownership period for the laws on intellectual property protection to apply. Musical materials like sound effects are normally not copyrighted. Classical music composed earlier than 1930 as well as theme songs and background music from old films can also be royalty free by this time and are free to download. But new performance of these royalty free music it not.
Be wary though that not all free downloadable music online are royalty-free. Some musical materials are offered as sample music from budding musicians and artists who promote their artistry by allowing their performances or compositions to reach the most number of people by offering them for free download without any obligation. Even established musicians and celebrities often offer free samples of the forthcoming albums. But let there be no mistake, these are copyrighted works and copying their musical line or lyrics in part or in whole exposes you to lawsuits for copyright infringement.

Working with Royalty Free Music

When creating Multi-Media Content, Flash or Video Clips for a client's web site or CD Rom Project, the last thing you want is to get him in trouble with the law. If there's a need for music in a project, using royalty free music is essential.
Here are some general music tips that you may find useful:
1) Finding the right kind of music
There are hundreds of choices when it comes to royalty free music and making the right decision can be hard. After all, most TV production companies have music supervisors on staff whose only job it is to select appropriate music for projects. Selecting music is an art in itself. In general, you will find that your clients would prefer to use something they heard on the radio, something from their favorite album etc. Unfortunately, that's copyrighted stuff and licensing an N Sync song for your next 'how to' video or CD-Rom may cost you a fortune. What you want to do is find buyout music that sounds similar to today's popular music. It's a little harder to find than your typical 'canned' music. A lot royalty free music may sound like music from a 70's sitcom or worse, a cheap porno flick.
A good place to check out is http://www.buyoutmusictracks.com All their tracks are created by established record producers with grammy and gold record credits so you get music that sounds as up-to-date as what you may hear on the radio.
Our tip: Always use music that sounds just a little more energetic than you think you may need. You may listen to the music over and over while you're putting together your project while the end user may only hear it a few times.
2) Less is not more in production music
When you are looking for background music for a project, choose music with some impact. I know it is supposed to be background music but if you choose high energy tracks, your whole project will leave more of an impression. Listen to a sampling of today's TV commercials and you'll find that most of them use very powerful music. You want your work to create an impact and keep viewer's attention and a strong, powerful soundtrack can do that.
3) When 'legal' music is not legal
The usage license on your buyout music CD may be very liberal but it is not a license to steal. You can use royalty free music on all of your projects and as you have the legal right to use the music, your customers can be assured not to get into legal troubles.
However, that license is only extended to you, the purchaser. You cannot transfer that license by copying your CD and giving it to somebody else or by selling the CD. This may be news to you but there's no such thing as a 'used buyout music CD' If you don't purchase the music from the producers of the music, it won't be legal still. So, next time you browse eBay for royalty free music, make sure you are buying a new CD, not a used one or it will be useless to you.
4) You get what you pay for
While we're on the topic of Ebay: You may find offers for entire 4 or 6 CD libraries for $75 or other ridiculously low prices on Ebay. The truth is, these CDs may not even be worth that low price.
One good quality royalty free music CD will cost you between $29 and $69 (some even more) If it's less than that, here's what you are likely to get:

  1. Discontinued titles that have been around for 10, 20 or more and not only sound dated but may also have already found its way unto hundreds or thousands of other projects during the years to make your own project sound dated.

  2. Homegrown CDs that are created in somebody's bedroom studio. You can easily recognize these CDs as they usually don't have any 'real' instruments on it, only synthesized stuff. You can clearly hear the difference between those CDs and something produced in a real studio with real musicians. Our tip: Check out http://www.buyoutmusictracks.com for music. Each of their CDs is only $29.95 and each title contains between 30 and 48 real studio recorded tracks.
5) CD or Download?
With the event of high speed internet, you don't really have to wait anymore to receive your Royalty Free Music CD in the mail. If you need tracks fast, you can now download buyout music from the net. You can choose only the tracks you need and get to use them within minutes. Single downloadable tracks usually cost a little more money per track than buying a whole CD. On the other hand, you don't have to buy a whole CD if you only need one or two tracks.
My advice, if you are buying music to 'keep on the shelf' for future projects and for your customers to choose from, buy physical CDs. If you need just one or two 'perfect' tracks or if you are on a deadline, downloadable purchases may be perfect for you. I don't know if I have to mention it, but purchasing a Mariah Carey track from Itunes or Napster for a buck does not entitle you to use the music. You have to download your music from a buyout music company so the track is licensed to you.
6) Make your own
You may think, 'are you crazy? I'm not a musician' You don't have to be a music genius anymore these days. Programs like Acid and Apple's Garageband allow you to create original music by using 'loops' Loops are pre-made musical chunks of drums, bass, guitar, strings, whatever, that you can put together like a mosaic to create your own music soundtrack.
The advantage is clear. By creating your own music with a loops program you can make absolutely sure that nobody else is using the exact same music on their project. This will give you 'original' music at Buyout Music Prices. All you need is a good musical ear and a couple of loops CDs to get you started. You can find lots of loops CDs and more info at http://www.acidmusicloops.com Their Groove Construction Kits are a great way to get started with music loops. And here's the best news, you can download the Acid program for free. Just visit http://www.musicleads.net/articles/freestuff.html for free (and legal) downloads of Acid, Protools and many other great music and sound tools.
I hope that these tips were useful to you.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

How Technical Recruiting Agencies Interview Candidates

Recruiting is a hard and often drawn-out process and finding the right candidate is often a challenge. To find the right IT candidate, it is important to understand the requirements of the position thoroughly. What are the expectations for that role? To locate the right candidate, one needs to have a proper staffing strategy. HR professionals and/or hiring managers often prefer to work with technical recruiting agencies because they help in finding candidates faster and also significantly reduce chances of wrong hires.
When a business works with technical recruiting agencies, the staffing company usually takes all the responsibility of finding the right candidate. An employer may post an advertisement for an open position and receive tons of applications for the position. Receiving applications from unqualified candidates will not do an employer any good. Rather he will waste time weeding through the unqualified resumes. It is better to ask for the service of a recruitment agency. A staffing firm has a pool of qualified resources and it can help employers find a candidate with the skills they need in no time while reducing the chances of wrong hires.
A staffing company usually performs the initial screening of a candidate and also gives candidates an aptitude test to determine their skills and mental makeup.
So, how does a staffing company start its screening process?
Interviewing a candidate
Interviewing is one of the important components in the screening process. One needs to be focused, and must be able to listen to and process thoughts during the interview. An interviewer should be able to thoroughly assess a candidate's technical knowledge and mental makeup before making an offer. Hiring managers usually do not have time to interview a long list of candidates before selecting the right one. That's why they prefer to work with a staffing agency. A staffing company usually conducts the first few rounds of interviews and then sends one or two selected candidates to a company's HR for the final hiring decision.
Start with easy questions
They typically begin an interview with easy questions and gradually build up to the more complex ones. This helps in asking probing questions. Studying a resume is an integral part of an interview process. This enables them to ask more engaging and personal questions of a candidate, like his hobbies and interest. Asking these questions is important to assess the mentality and interest of a candidate. A recruiter needs to find this out in order to ensure that the shortlisted candidate matches the culture and work environment of the company.
Ask for practical tasks
Once a candidate gets qualified in the interview process, a recruiter usually asks him to do a practical task, like giving a presentation or preparing a report. This is important to ascertain whether the candidate has all the skills he has claimed during the interview process. His work provides a testimony to his technical skills. A recruiter can also test whether or not a candidate can perform under high pressure situations.
Anatte Worth is a veteran expert in Human Resources at COA IT Solutions, a company that specializes in IT staffing. She has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of human resource development and especially in the recruitment and retention of IT workers. For years IT companies have benefited by implementing her strategies and suggestions. She also writes educational tips for technical recruiting agencies, IT Recruiting.

Companies Make Hiring Decisions, Technology Staffing Companies Accelerate the Process

Recruitment is an art. Not everybody can be a recruiter. A recruiter needs to have certain skills that will allow him to choose the right candidate for his clients from tons of resumes. Hiring is a difficult task. It's time consuming and tiring. An HR professional or a hiring manager needs to have immense patience and above all a passion to meet people. He needs to have a good understanding of technology and people to excel in his profession. Finding a suitable IT professional often becomes a big challenge for companies. Technology staffing companies can help businesses find candidates that perfectly match their business needs.
Find candidates faster
Technology staffing companies not only find the right IT professionals but find them faster. An IT recruitment agency usually has a pool of pre-screened IT talent. When they get a request, they simply try to match the request with one of these candidates. As a result, they can find candidates faster than any other recruitment company or staffing firm. They can find candidates even faster than the hiring manager of a company. This is one of the main advantages of working with technology staffing companies.
Helps promote a productive work environment
There's no reason to think that the candidates a staffing company processes might not measure up to the expectations of a company. On the contrary, working with a staffing company significantly reduces the chances of wrong hires. The recruiter of a staffing firm not only assesses the technical knowledge of a candidate but also takes a peek into his mental acumen. He tries to understand whether this candidate will be a good match for his client or not - both technically and psychologically. This significantly reduces the chances of wrong hiring.
Hiring decisions can be made faster
When a business chooses to work with a staffing company, the recruitment firm manages all the responsibilities of finding the right candidate - from posting a job advertisement, to weeding through tons of resumes, scheduling interviews and finally short listing a few deserving candidates. Usually, an employment firm conducts the initial screening of a candidate. Successful candidates are then sent to the company for the final hiring decision.
Adequate staff is just not enough! A business needs to have the right people in the right place at the right time to succeed. It is possible to make the day-to-day operations of a business smoother and more effective if a business looks for specific qualities in a candidate right from the beginning of the recruitment process. The priority is to get the best candidate for the job that can be productive from the very beginning. The search can be narrowed down and companies can hire candidates whom they can train and develop. But staff development can be very expensive.
Hence, it is better to partner with a technology staffing company who can provide IT professionals that can be productive right from day one.
Anatte Worth is a veteran expert in Human Resources at COA IT Solutions, a company that specializes in IT staffing. She has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of human resource development and especially in the recruitment and retention of IT workers. For years IT companies have benefited by implementing her strategies and suggestions. She also writes educational tips for technology staffing Companies.

Online Cash Advance Help Limits Emergency Money Struggles

If you really want to get yourself into a financial pickle, then your job will be easy. It is always easier to make things fail than put effort into succeeding. When it comes to being financially responsible, there are many levels you can achieve to find success. Some people measure financial success by dollar signs while others focus on family. If it doesn't matter to you then, no worries! Do what you want, spend what you want, charge what you want, borrow online cash advance loans as often as you want. Tomorrow is another day to live as you feel... if you really want to get yourself into a financial pickle.
There are some people who don't intentionally want their finances to fall apart, but they also don't put any emphasis on fixing them either. They live their lifestyle as they want and don't see any reason to change it when they can outspend their income as they see fit. Credit cards are too often used to make wants affordable. How are extras afforded? It's called small minimum payments every month. Instant gratification is powerful and when there is access to additional spending power, purchases are made without a blink of the eye. Many online websites will often have instant one-touch purchasing power. Put your items in your shopping cart and hit one button to make the transaction complete. How easy is that? Is it is a great sell point for those of us who are so busy in life that entering our credit card information and shipping address disrupts our day. Ain't nobody got time for that! See how easy it is to create problems with your finances? Debt can pile up very quickly if you don't keep track of how often the one click purchases are used. The fact that shoppers don't even need to leave the house encourages instant gratification.
On that note, the same goes for online cash direct advance lenders when your bank accounts are heading in a compromising position. Spent too much and need to refill your account? These short-term loan lenders place money into your account quickly. When your credit worthiness is less than desirable, new creditors will often deny your application. Online direct lenders don't care about credit utilization rates. Credit scores are affected by mistakes that happened in the past seven years, these lenders look at current bank statements. No credit check online cash loans are perfect for those who want convenient cash and have to focus on alternative money options. Direct lenders don't ask why, they just calculate how much your income can afford to pay back. If you are looking to add to your spending power, these small loans may help matters, but they don't support a healthy budget if you don't get them paid back quickly. Unlike credit cards, this money is not necessarily afforded for the long-term.
If you really want to have money problems, don't worry about the interest rates on these loans. Ideally though, any applicant should find a lender or creditor for that matter which will offer the lowest rates. The less money you pay towards interest will give you more to use as you please. If you secretly do want to keep your finances out of trouble, then do what you can to keep any spending debt from hanging around too long. Pay back your online cash advance lender and creditors in order to help you when a real money emergency comes along. If your balance is spent and have unpaid short-term loans out, your emergency need for cash will struggle to be supported.
Spotya! Online Payday Lender understands the short-term financial needs of our customers but also advocates for responsible borrowing while looking at each payday loan as a unique financial need. Visit http://www.spotya.com for more information on payday loans.

Student Loan Help With College Costs And Repayment Opportunities

Direct Loans are what the Department of Education offers for federal student loan help in affording the expensive cost of a college education. Most financial advisers would recommend that both student and parent apply for the most help through the federal government prior to using private lenders. The government offers lower interest rates for their loans and benefits to repayment plans.
*Direct Subsidized Loans are given to undergraduates. The amount given is based on year in school and financial need. Subsidized loans will have the interest charges taken care of by the government while the student is in school and for most cases, during the six month grace period.
*Direct Unsubsidized Loans are also for undergraduates but are not based of financial need and the interest applies once the money is received by the student.
*Direct PLUS Loans are unsubsidized loans for parents with dependent students and for graduate/professional students. These loans will help pay the difference of the cost of attending minus other financial assistance received. Interest is charged throughout the loan.
*Direct Consolidation Loans is offered as federal student loan help which will combine all federal loans into one.
The clincher with parent loans is that their credit must support this additional loan. Bad credit will not qualify. Parents must be US citizens or eligible noncitizens without their own default federal loans or behind on payments.
The FFSA must be filled out each year in order to qualify. Loan amounts will be reevaluated according to the new application. Some schools offer online applications. If you have more than one child needing federal student loan help parents will have to fill out separate forms for each.
Once graduation comes around, parents and students should be looking at ways to filter this new payment into their monthly budget. It is always good to understand what the payment options are when taking out the loan in the first place. Many people are looking at student loan relief services to see what their options are. The service will not only tell you what programs the loans will qualify for, but will also process the applications through the proper channels.
There have been negative reports concerning these types of relief services, but like any other financial service, there is a spectrum of good companies that provide quality services at competitively low prices. Take advantage of free consultations to weed out the overpriced or less qualified companies.
Once your loans are in eligible prepayment plans you will be able to live more comfortably. Between consolidation loans, forgiveness programs and income-based repayments plans monthly student loan payments will be very affordable.
Don't let federal loan benefits slip you by just because you are unfamiliar with the information or have no time to work through the government red tape. Take advantage of what the Department of Education is offering. Call a student loan debt relief company today for your free consultation.
If you have private loans, you will need to consolidate them within the private sector. There are no federal student loan help programs which service private loans.
If you are looking for student loan help, National Student Loan Relief (NSLR) is the right place to start. We work hand-in-hand with the Department of Education to efficiently relieve Federal student loan debt. Visit National Student Loan Relief at http://www.nslrelief.com/ for more information.

Options for Student Loan Forgiveness

If you accumulated a great deal of student loan debt while you were pursuing your college or graduate degree, you may want to consider a loan forgiveness option available in certain professions. Generally, loan forgiveness options are available for graduates who teach or provide medical or legal services in low income areas. However, you can also find opportunities for loan forgiveness while volunteering for programs such as the Peace Corp or AmeriCorp.
Working in low income areas is often considered undesirable by many graduates. The pay is generally poor and the conditions are frequently stressful. But it's these drawbacks that enable government organizations to offer loan forgiveness as a benefit to working in these areas.
Of course, loan forgiveness programs have their own drawbacks, including a fairly significant time commitment. Consider for instance, that most college loans are paid back over ten years. To qualify for forgiveness, you'll still have to make regular payments for five to ten years. After the five to ten year period, it is the remainder of your loan that is forgiven - not the balance with which you left college.
If your loan is amoritized for ten years, you may be wondering how there would be a balance remaining. By working in lower income fields and areas, your payments can be lower using an income-based/income-contingent payment plan. You'll have to weigh for yourself whether the income and benefits package plus the value of the loan forgiveness, is worth a few years of your time. And most of the time, it may simply boil down to your own job satisfaction. Some things are intangible.
Another option is to investigate the professional organization associated with your career field. You may be surprised to find that these organizations also offer loan forgiveness options.
Personally, I find the route of teaching to be extremely attractive, especially if your primary goal is debt payoff. First, teaching in low income neighborhoods has a shorter time commitment, only requiring five years of service before providing over $17,000 towards your loans. Five years, in my mind, seems like a reasonable commitment to make, especially when you consider school hours may allow you to work a second job in the evenings, weekends, or over summer break, which can substantially add to your income and facilitate in debt repayment. Blog or write about your experiences and you might also just turn out to have a best selling book on your hands... we can only hope!
Holly South lives in Honolulu, HI with her husband and two children. You can read more of her work at http://familybooknight.blogspot.com and http://7yearstofinancialfreedom.blogspot.com. Her debut book, Sell Your Stuff, Save Your Life, provides a sixty day plan for raising the funds you need to start your emergency fund by selling your "stuff." Find it on Amazon, the iBookstore, and Lulu.com.